The basic tea blend in the Bedouin tea comes from dried leaves of dessert plant called ‘maramia’ or ‘marmaraya’, is naturally grown in the Sinai desert between Moses Mountain and Saint Katherine Mountain and only will appear there after the heavy rain probably January –March every year. The smell of the leaves is like a minty mixture of anise basil and elegant aroma of thymine. The leaves give you a strong taste of bitterness when boiled. The dried leaves spread the subtle fragrance of unforgettable aroma that remains with you a long time.



The Egyptian Soul

Additional information


Dried Red Sage Leaves, Rosemary and green Cardamom pods

Health Benefits

1) Treats high blood sugar 2) Improves blood circulation 3) Can improve digestive system 4) Improve liver function 5) Maintain urinary system 6) Weight control

Specification (Time of Day/ Caffeine/ Best Consumed)

Usually Morning and throughout the day. However, avoid at nights, as it may affect your sleep time.